Fashion Show Production Services

Technical Design and Production

Shannon Davidson Fashion Show Production Design handles all aspects of fashion show & event production design including:

  • budget management
  • location scouting
  • scenic design & execution
  • lighting design & execution
  • audio design & execution
  • music curation and soundtrack design
  • video documentation
  • video projection
  • photography
  • permits

Shannon Davidson and her fashion show production design technical team bring years of experience to each production. They can handle all technical aspects in a turn-key manner, from start to finish, while always staying on budget and on time.

Location scouting is the first step to producing a show or event. SDP works with the client to decide the best location to meet all of the client’s goals. It may be within an retail space or in close proximity to ensure immediate retail results. A remote destination may be the best location such as a hotel or resort. When working with designer clients during New York Fashion Week, it may be most advantageous to work with a preexisting venue that provides a package to the designer which includes venue, lighting and sound. Whatever the needs may be, SDP will find the best venue that perfectly suits the needs of the client.

Scenic design
starts with a vision. A concept may come directly from a designer client, from the theme of the charity or gala, or the architecture of the chosen venue may provide an inspiration. SDP will take that idea and translate it with sketches, ground plans and renderings.
Then the actual provision of staging risers, theatrical scenic flats/walls and various runway treatments and decking will follow to bring the idea to life. Sets are created with fabric, faux finishes, hand painting, scenic drops and architectural elements. SDP is always looking to create new, exceptional designs. We can also work hand in hand with venues that provide locations and rentals to keep costs manageable for the client.

Lighting design
, and the flawless execution of it, is essential for the creation of a beautiful show. Fashion requires exact lighting, for both the eyes of the live audience as well as the press and media. SDP can provide ceiling-hung flown lighting or ground support, depending upon the nature of the show, the venue and the budget. Special effects can be accomplished through the use of intelligent (moving) lighting, spot lights, gobos and LED color washes.

Audio design
provides the pulse of the show. A rich, full sound system along with experienced DJs or audio technicians are the basis for the soundscape of a show or event. SDP can provide creative direction and music curation. DJs can also be brought in to do live mixing for pre-show, post show and for the show itself.

can be categorized into video projection and video documentation.
Live i-mag of the show is accomplished through projected images from a live-camera feed that documents and projects the show while it is happening. SDP provides all cameras, camera operators, projectors – both front and rear, and screens. Screens can be imbedded into the scenic flats, for a flawless execution of a projected image.
Projection can also be used to provide logo and name identification throughout the show. SDP technicians provide power point playback to provide and project the client logos, or pre-produced video clips, throughout the production.
Video documentation of a show or event can be accomplished with single or multiple cameras. Shows can be switched live to provide an edited product immediately following the show. Or the footage can be edited later to create a tight, multi-cut piece for promotion or archival purposes.

SDP has still photographers that specialize in fashion show and event photography. They are expert at capturing models on a runway as well as the ambiance of the event. The images are edited by the photographer with an efficient turnaround for the client.

can be acquired by SDP for any locations or high capacity venues.