Fashion Show Coordination

Back of House Fashion Show Coordination

The most important ingredient to event success is the fashion show coordination and the team that makes it all happen. Shannon Davidson Productions provides the best teams available to make the production of a show flawless. Backstage teams include the pre-production and fitting team, the show run team, beauty team, styling team, dressing and alterations team.

Collection Coordination and Fittings
Production of a fashion show requires meticulous organization done by a team that works as a unit. Attention to detail is imperative when working with retail merchandise as well as highly valuable luxury designer samples. To that end, SDP provides teams that have experience and respect for the beautiful clothing and luxury brand collections that they work with. They understand the importance  of care for the clothing as well as being efficient and timely in their tasks. All of

During pre-production, SDP works with the client to create the line-up of the show. This is done with either the designer samples or by pulling the show from retail or “live” merchandise.

Shannon Davidson Productions has tremendous experience in pulling retail shows to create trend shows or presentations, as well as to create multi-vendor shows for retail establishments. Tremendous care goes into maintaining the manufacturers’ brand identification. SDP realizes the extreme importance of maintaining the integrity of brand recognition.

Complete show coordination requires a unique formula for inventory, styling notes, numbering, model assignments, model rotation, accessory organization and labeling, shoe fittings and alterations. Prior to a fitting, SDP has everything in perfect order so that once a fitting begins, the execution of it is effortless. Each look is photographed and run-of-show boards and model boards are created.

Fashion Stylists
SDP has worked with many notable stylists through the years. Some of the many include:

  • Patti WilsonFashion Show Coordination
  • Patricia Field
  • Jessica de Ruiter
  • Phillip Bloch
  • Rachel Zoe
  • Lori Goldstein
  • Kate Young
  • Gillian Wilkins
  • Arianne Phillips
  • Amanda Ross
  • Heathermary Jackson
  • Catherine Newell Hanson
  • Victoria Sekrier

SDP understands the needs that stylists have. SDP works to communicate with the stylist to provide them with supplies, tools and staff to get their job completed effortlessly.

Hair and Makeup Teams
SDP has a complete beauty team of hair stylists, makeup artists and manicurists that can be provided. SDP also both provides and collaborates with designers’ beauty leads. Some of the many that SDP has had the pleasure of working with are:

  • Kabukiimg_7876
  • Didier Malige
  • Gregory Arlt
  • John Stapleton
  • Sarah Lucero
  • Jon Reyman
  • Chaz Dean
  • Danilo
  • Laurent Philippon
  • John Barrett
  • Linh Nguyen
  • Viktorija Bowers
  • Uzo Ukeje
  • MAC Cosmetics
  • Stila Cosmetics
  • Sephora
  • Smashbox
  • Avon
  • Nars Cosmetics
  • Elizabeth Arden
  • Maybelline

Shannon Davidson Productions has a team of seamstresses and tailors that are able to be on hand during the fittings and, if necessary, during the show. They bring all machines and supplies necessary to attend to any clothing need.

Shannon Davidson Productions provides complete fashion show coordination including the dressing teams. They work with the SDP team and the stylist to understand their model’s looks and to make sure the models are dressed in a timely fashion during the show.

Show Run Team
Shannon Davidson Productions provides a complete team for the show run – line up to keep the models in order, cueing to ensure the models are on stage the moment the director requests and last looks to give the model one final look and adjustment before walking the runway.

Shannon Davidson Productions has consistently been told by their clients through the years that there is no drama during the productions and that everything is always calm. This is due to great care being given to pre-production. If everything is in order before the show, the show itself  runs smoothly. Everyone knows their job and every detail is managed so the client can sit back and enjoy the show!